November 6, 2022

1 John 1:1-4 - "Credible Witness of Credible Faith"

In 1 John, the Apostle John tells us how we can know the truth and be confident in our faith.
John’s audience likely faced false teaching in their day, and John wanted them to be able to discern the truth from error. He pointed them to the gospel, the person and work of Jesus Christ. Jesus is God. He is the source of eternal life, and He brings eternal life. John wanted them to believe this in order to have eternal life and fellowship with God. May the Lord grant us clarity and confidence in our day through faith in Christ!

Questions for Consideration: 1. What things cause you to doubt your faith or salvation? 2. How well do you know the gospel? What are some popular beliefs that contradict the gospel?

Scriptures for Further Study: John 20:30-31; John 1:1-18

Adult Sunday School
The holy Spirit: Sanctification (part 1)